Read the descriptions for tips, tricks and stories.  

This is a Shimmikin charm from the early 1900's. Not a lot is known about these guys...but they are highly collectible. I found him in the bottom of a jewelry when all was said and done, he cost me about .18 cents.  He sold to a collector for $35.00 in June 2019.

This was an absolutely stunning unused Mah Jong set from the end of the Vietnam war.  My fiance's grandfather, who was stationed in Japan during the Vietnam war, passed a few years ago, and the family asked me to help find homes for some of his things.  This was one of those.  It went to a collector in June 2019 and sold for  $229. 

Sometimes you buy something SIMPLY because it's absolutely adorable! This little pearlescent kitty was definitely one of this things. She was stamped with Lis Los Angles on her bum.  A great tip to remember, is if YOU love it...someone else will as well.  Don't buy items because you think they will resell.  Buy them because you respect them. I purchased this one for $2.99 and sold her for $26.42 in June 2019.