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Blog Post: textile gold...

I buy and sell a LOT of different things...tins, puzzle boxes, mirrors, purses, figurines...but there is ONE item that consistently resells for nearly a hundred times profit!! In this quick post, I'll talk about how I find textiles, determine if they are vintage, price them, and resell them for a profit! 

Haul Video: I turned $50 into over $200! Plus a fun kitty cat surprise!

This haul was SO much fun!! Not only did I find some amazing new textiles to add to the shop...I also found a vintage coffee drip, a surprisingly PRICEY kitty cat, and more great treasures.  ALL of this while moving into a new home and working on the business! Click the link above to watch the video! 

Training Video: Inside the mind of a reseller 

We are diving into Youtube, and I thought a great place to start might be talking a bit about Vintage reselling and WHY I do it. isn't for the money.  Click the title to watch the video! 


what sold Video: what sold in june 2019 -Over $800 in pure profit!

Whoever said there was such a thing as "the summer slowdown" was a lyer, lyer pants on fire!! June was absolutely insane!! With over $800 in profits in JUST my second month as a full time reseller...June was a success in my book! Click the link above to watch the video!